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We get rid of attic insulation quickly and effectively using a powerful vacuum attached to a long hose. This ensures that all the insulation is sucked out of your house and contained completely in a large, filtered bag. We us only high-quality equipment to ensure no mess is let behind and that all insulation is properly contained. Getting rid of insulation your home does not have to be hazardous at all when you hire the right people with the right tools for the job.


Your attic may contain batt insulation, and we can safely remove that for you. We do this by packing the insulation in large contractor bags, reducing health risks and avoiding contamination from the dust.


It is important to have your attic cleaned and decontaminated if you want to avoid rat infestations. Rats and mice leave droppings behind that can spread viruses, contaminate your home and damage your attic. When you get rid of cellulose insulation that has been sitting in your attic for a long time, you are also getting rid of animal droppings in the insulation too. This kind of insulation service doesn’t do much to maintain the heat inside your home and reduce your energy bill, so getting rid of it will not only make your home safer but also save you money.

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